I love running my retreats just for women. There is something quite magical and unique when you bring a group of women together in a supportive environment. The theme of our weekend retreats vary depending on the time of year they are held but all retreats include the following key elements:

Beautiful venue – we search high and low to find the most stunning venues in beautiful settings. We love shabby chic but we also love thick fluffy towels, we love beautiful countryside to go for long walks but also love a comfy sofa to snuggle into and read a book.

Delicious Food that Happens to be Good For You – all food on our retreats is vegetarian and sugar free. We want you to feel nourished from the inside out. As a nutritional therapist Suzanne knows all about food that is going to make you energised but as a huge foodie she also makes sure all food is moreishly good.  Meals are cooked fresh from the kitchen, using as much from their organic vegetable gardens as possible. All food is nutritionally balanced and well thought out to provide you with enough vital vitamins, minerals and energy to keep you tip-top throughout your stay. Yes we will have dessert but instead of using refined sugar our chefs will create sweet delicacies using natural and nourishing alternatives such as coconut nectar or dates.

Yoga – open to all levels : ) So whether you are a super bendy yogi or would simply like to be able to touch your toes one day or to sort out your stiff shoulders, Suzanne will make sure that each one of you benefits from the class 100% and steps out afterwards feeling amazing. All retreats include an invigorating dynamic morning yoga sessions and restorative evening sessions.

Mindfulness & Guided Meditations – have you ever woken in the night and then been unable to get back to sleep as you can’t stop thoughts whirling around your mind? Learn tools to calm your mind and be able to control those whirring thoughts! Even if you have never tried mindfulness and meditation before, Suzanne will guide you gently through the process so you can benefit from these scientifically proven tools and techniques.

Creative Workshops – depending on the theme of the weekend, a specifically designed workshop will be offered – often run by an outside expert. Past workshops have ranged from Raw Chocolate Making, Macrame, Drawing, Essential Oils and Psychotherapy.

Yoga Workshop – our focus could be on the shoulders, hips, hamstrings or your back – you learn the in depth anatomy of specific yoga postures, their benefits and how to do them right!

And inspire your soul with our group workshops taking place in the stunning surroundings of Tilton House, set within the South Downs National Park.

You will leave the weekend feeling renewed, recharged and ready for the year ahead!



“I had the best weekend. I feel so relaxed and peaceful (not my usual state!) – exactly what I had
hoped for and so much more. I felt like we were all on a weekend away with old friends.”

Tara Benjamin


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