My Story

My journey to wellness began in my 20s when I was living the “highlife” working as a lawyer in Monaco and very much burning the candle at both ends. Life involved a lot of travel, glamorous parties and big corporate deals. I survived off a lot of coffee and pushed myself to the limit both physically and emotionally.

I was constantly low on energy but was so out of touch with my body at the time I took no notice of the warning signs it was trying to give me. It was only when I was lying on my back and noticed a large lump protruding from my stomach that I got the wake up call I needed.

It turns out I had an 11 inch tumour growing in my womb. It was the size of a baby’s head and attached to the inside lining of my uterus by thousands of blood vessels. The medical term for it was a fibroid. Fibroids can take many forms and some women can live with them but it is incredibly rare to have them so young and to have one so large.

Becoming a mum was not on my radar at the time but I knew I definitely wanted to be one at some point. Having been told by the consultant that this would be highly unlikely I would be able to bear children, I thought to myself “There must be another way”. It was a total wake up call to re-assess my fast paced lifestyle.

“I wanted to understand and heal the underlying cause of my health issue – not just the symptom.”

Being a lawyer by profession (and a bit of a geek at heart) I ended up devouring every health book available and trying every superfood and ‘promise-you-the-world’ diet out there. Some worked. Some didn’t. The whole experience would have been made a lot easier if I had had some proper guidance and support rather than going it alone.

What I discovered in my journey to wellness is that it was not just one path that made the difference but a full holistic approach using good nutrition, specific supplements and looking at (and changing!) my lifestyle choices as a whole (including my reaction to stress, my relationships, my career and exercise choices). I made mistakes along the way and I wish that I had had someone to support and guide me through the process. It is what inspired me to train as a nutritional therapist, to give women who are going through similar health issues a shortcut and helping hand in their journey to health.

I incorporated my nutrition coaching with my yoga qualification (and a big career change!) to create transformative retreats for women. In 2014 I led my first retreat in Dubai just for women that included yoga, inspiring workshops, deep conversations and personal development. It was a huge success and it became more obvious that women craved an environment where they could open up and be themselves. I then started my Health Coaching Programs to offer support in-between the retreats and the magic really started to happen!

To round off my story (and journey) – despite being told I would not be able to bear children, I am now fibroid-free and I gave birth to my beautiful daughter, Olivia, in 2016. I have also learnt to respect my body and value my health to be able to live my life in the way I love and with the people I cherish.