When was the last time you gave yourself permission to talk with someone who could really give you the time & personal attention you deserve?
That day is today.
When was the last time you gave yourself permission to talk with someone who could really give you the time & personal attention you deserve?
That day is today.

Have you ever:

Struggled to make time for yourself?
Wished you felt more comfortable in your body?
Been advised to avoid certain foods but been left bewildered where to start?
Wanted something in your life, but found it challenging to make it happen on your own?

My Signature Health Coaching Programs will help you
find your way back to yourself.

Here’s how…

We will work together to navigate the world of contradictory health and wellness advice to:
Transform your relationship with food
Change the way you make choices
Unlock your true aspirations in life

Become Empowered & Energised in your Life by Regaining your True Health & Wellness.

Options to Work with Me


‘GET ME: Started’ – One-off Session
‘GET ME: Restored’ – 4 Month Program
‘GET ME: Radiant’ – 28 Day Detox to Optimal Health



‘GET ME: Empowered’ – 4 Month Program
‘GET ME: Radiant’ – 28 Day Detox to Optimal Health

Join one of my health coaching groups
Join one of my health coaching groups


Got a question? Chances are someone else has asked it before.


I have tried every diet and failed at some point. How is health coaching different?

This is not a diet! Its a complete lifestyle improvement where we will get to the root of why you are experiencing issues around food and health. Trust me – It is so much more than just about the food you put in your mouth. 

How are you different from other health coaches?

When someone says “I know how you feel” – I can look you in the eye and really mean it. Having dealt with and overcome serious health and fertility issues when an 11cm tumour was discovered in my womb when I was 28 (read My Story) – I can really relate to those of you struggling with big and life changing matters.

I also have a unique insight into balancing your wellness in a fast paced and often stressful environment from my background in the corporate world – I know (from personal trial and error) what works and what does not. Time is precious and by working with me you can save time and energy to avoid the mistakes I made before I learnt how to balance my health alongside a hectic lifestyle. Head over to my Testimonials to see how others enjoyed working with me. 

I don’t think I have the time to fit it in

Life can be hectic. I totally get that – you are a busy modern woman probably also juggling a career and/or family life. And that is all the more reason to make sure you are being supported yourself. Remember that by taking the time now to invest in your health, you will gain all the extra hours in the long run from being more mentally alert, needing less sleep and reducing visits to the doctor.

I work with clients all over the world using online meeting tools so even if you travel we can work around your schedule to make sure you are still getting the regular support you need.

Who is your typical Client?

I have been so lucky to work with some of the most incredibly talented, fun and motivated women. Clients have often felt a sense of achievement or pride in going “non-stop” or “burning the candle at both ends” but know in their heart of hearts that that does not serve them anymore and want to live their lives in a more sustainable way.

One-on-One or Group Programs?

Individual health coaching is good for you if you need sessions to work around your busy schedule.

Group coaching allows you the opportunity to share your goals, brainstorm solutions, learn from others, and gain new perspectives. As well as having me as your cheerleader you will have a whole group of teammates running along with you, supporting and encouraging you as you work to make positive changes in your life. Financially, group coaching is a great value. You will receive the same quality coaching and time with me, but at a more cost-effective investment.

Who should NOT do your programs?

My programs are not for you if:

  • You’re a man (sorry guys, for women only!).
  • You only want a quick fix (my programs focus on longterm and lasting life changes).
  • You cannot commit 2- 4 hours a month (you will get the best results by being fully present).

What results can I expect from working with you?

The results of each Health Coaching program varies person to person but expected results can include:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Weight Loss
  • Reduced Cravings
  • Improved Sleep
  • Ability to manage stress
  • Confidence to create the life you want
  • Feeling more fulfilled, vibrant, sexy and alive

Choose the Suzanne Cork Health Coaching for Women program that’s right for you:

PROGRAM GET ME: Started GET ME: Radiant GET ME: Restored GET ME: Empowered
TIME COMMITMENT 2 Hour Session 28 Days

4 Sessions Total

4 Months

8 Sessions Total

4 Months

8 Sessions Total

TYPE OF COACHING Private Private or Group Available Private Group
GOAL You want to boost your willpower, get back on track and get a kick start. You want to lose weight, get glowing skin or reset your system post pregnancy or illness. You want customised and practical support on a deeper, more personal level. You want to connect with likeminded women, be supported to make gradual and lasting changes.
DETAILS A big picture look at your life or a laserfocused session on one issue. Common topics are weight, stress, hormonal imbalances and infertility. My signature and most popular program. Specifically designed for bodies feeling sluggish and in need of a system reset. A comprehensive program personalised for you to deal with a specific health issue such as bad digestion, infertility, insomnia, anxiety or skin breakouts. Women are stronger together. Everything is on the table. Big shifts, huge transformation, and total empowerment.
Tell me more Tell me more Tell me more Tell me more

Space is limited.
I only work with a handful of select private clients and host 4 group health coaching programs for women a year. They fill up quickly, so sign up now and commit to yourself in a new way.

Still not sure?
Book a free discovery session now
to find out what Health Coaching Program is the best fit for you.